Jumpstart Learner Mentor Driving Programme

Learner Drivers


The Jumpstart Learner Driver Mentor Programme provides assistance via our volunteer drivers, to mentor learners in cars owned and maintained by GeCo. Mentors are there to be a surrogate friend or family member. They do not ‘teach’, only offer the benefit of their experience. Our mentors do have training, but they are not educators.


The aim is to take some of the pressures of getting a learner on the road out of the equation, such as:

  • Not having a suitable vehicle to practice in
  • Not having a suitable friend or family member for the learner’s needs
  • Financial strain of insurance/petrol
  • Creating routine and repeated learning environment in time-poor families

If you’d like to participate as alearner driver, download an application form and have a chat to us on +61 3 6297 1616.

Click Here for an Application Form

Jumpstart Learner Mentor Driving Programme

Mentor Drivers


Our volunteer Mentors are critical to the success of our Jumpstart Programme. We provide training and support. You don’t need to be an expert. You just need to have the patience to share your experience with a driver who is starting out.

Requirements for our Mentor Drivers are:

  • – Valid Tasmanian License
  • – Willing to obtain a Working With Vulnerable People’s Card (at our cost)
  • – Willing to obtain a Police Check (at our cost)
  • – Availability for 1-2 hours per week
  • – Fully Vaccinated

If you’d like to participate as mentor driver and change someone’s life, we’d love to hear from you. Please download an application form and have a chat to us on +61 3 6297 1616.

Click Here for an Application Form


The Jumpstart Program is based at the Community Centre in Geeveston, and is funded through Driver Mentoring Tasmania and the Department of State Growth, Tasmania. Jumpstart owns an automatic Holden Astra, and a manual Holden Barina. Both cars are made available to Learner Drivers (accompanied by a Mentor) to build up their hours so that they can gain their P1 Licence. All vehicle costs are covered by the program.

Success Stories

Getting that all-important driver’s licence is a right of passage for many teenagers as they turn 16.

Our laws in Tassie require learner drivers to log 80 hours of practice over a 12 month period with a licensed supervising driver, prior to getting a P1 licence. For any family, this takes serious dedication to the task, and the capacity to have their novice learner drive at every opportunities. Even then, it’s not easy to build up the necessary hours. Some families and independent people can’t afford driving lessons, don’t have access to a registered and roadworthy car or a responsible and licensed driver to support these hours of practice. That’s where our amazing volunteers come in!

Jumpstart has a team of volunteer mentor drivers who provide supervision to learner drivers to help them gain their licence and get their hours up.

Joel and Geaan helped Hugo get his P’s.

Simon our mentor helped Jacanna get her P’s

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