The heart of GeCo

Volunteering at Geco

Volunteers are the heart of GeCo enabling our programs, social activities and support services to run.

Whether you are a keen gardener, able to help young people build their driving hours, or can spare a few hours each week in the food pantry, we have a wide range of opportunities.

Volunteer Stories

Volunteer Stories

Linda S  – Office & GeCo Board

What an amazing bunch of people that work here.

I started with GeCo in 2016 and have been involved in a number of programmes like Eating with Friends, Soup with Soul, Veggie Boxes, Emergency Food Pantry and just about everything in-between.

In 2023 I finally retired and put all that behind me, only to be drawn back in again to work on the front desk!

I had not been involved in community work at all prior to starting at GeCo. I’ve found it different – the things you don’t know or don’t see in everyday life is quite daunting in some respects. I have found the number of homeless persons quite confronting as is the jobless situation, but even with the negativity I look forward to going to work each day – I never know what will present itself as the day goes on; maybe today I can help someone or maybe just listen.

My work on the Board is rewarding – it’s nice after being on the frontlines, to be able to look at GeCo from a strategic perspective and effect change on a larger scale. 

So if you want to be involved in volunteering, have a look at your Neighbourhood House and give it a go – you won’t be sorry!!!!

Linda Smith


Craig T  – Jumpstart, and Workshop Supervisor

Craig has been in Tasmania since 2017, having moved here from England. He’s been with GeCo as a volunteer since 2020.

“I started as a Jumpstart Mentor and found it really rewarding to help someone obtain their license. I’ve grown to realise it’s a big deal having that little bit of independence, and I identify with the learners who don’t have a family member onhand to help them learn to drive.” Craig has half a dozen passes under his belt from students learning through the Jumpstart programme and encourages anyone with an open licence to help out.

Craig is also one of our Workshop Supervisors and loves his time in the Shed. “I started off as a student doing some woodturning and fell into the Supervisor role by accident. The Workshop is a special place; so many people find peace here, just hanging out or working with wood. We’re lucky to have this amazing, free resource and I’m delighted to be a part of that.”

Craig is pictured here in the Geeveston Community Workshop!


Linda H  – Community Garden

I have been a volunteer at GeCo fsince 2018 and have been involved in a variety of areas. Helping out in the community garden on a lovely summer day, helping out in the kitchen preparing scrumptious meals for ‘Eating with Friends’ and mentoring in the Jumpstart Program have all been extremely rewarding. I’m now focussed on the garden at GeCo and come every week to maintain our wicking beds and Australian Native Garden.

But it’s the friendly, warm atmosphere that makes it a place I look forward to coming each week. All the familiar faces and so much help available for so many things.

Linda H

Linda (Centre) is picture here with Ruth and Glenda.

Geeveston Community Centre Inc acknowledge the Tasmania Aboriginal Community as the continuing custodians of lutruwita. We live and work on melukurdee country. lutruwita milaythina pakana – Tasmania is Aboriginal Land.

GeCo receives funding from the Department of Premier and Cabinet, other government departments and philanthropic groups.

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